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Introducing the first
AI powered career pathway app

MicrosoftTeams-image.png connects career with skills and an experts academy. Oh, and its got fire boards that tell you what careers and skills are hot in your company and the marketplace! says Goodbye to the Turnover Tsunami

A huge 76% of employees stay with companies that invest in their careers

1 Career Board New.png

Career Pathways
The era of hybrid and flexible work has opened-up a new kind of career path, one where the climb is not necessarily to the top. AI delivers for employees a new freedom to move around and piece their best career together
Paraphrase Microsoft Worklab

 Show me how AI pieces together best careers

The days of skills being disconnected from career are over. AI breakthroughs the career skills divide and connects skills with career, enabling employees to understand and prioritize the skills needed to achieve their career goals 

2 Skills Board New.png

 Show me how AI develops skills to achieve career goals

Resources New 3 (1).png

Experts Academy
The end of the days where the LMS doesn’t really “teach anyone anything.” AI has opened-up a way to browse content, find experts, take a course and really “learn” something significant and new perfectly aligned with skill priorities.
Paraphrase Josh Bersin 

 Show me how AI finds something significant and new to learn

Our AI powered fire boards visualize careers and skills that are hot and most important in your company and the Marketplace


 Show me how fire boards teach me about careers and skills that are hot Toolbar - Your Career Navigator Toolbar 3.png toolbar navigates to career board where you define your career pathway, onto skills board where you prioritize the most important skills, then to experts academy where you access great resources and coaches to develop skills and achieve your goals

 Show me how toolbar navigates career

Our Inspiration 

Our inspiration comes from the future of career not always being about getting to the top. We want to advance the shift from the career ladder to the career pathway best explained by Microsoft's WorkLabs in the article 

 "It's not a Career Ladder, It's a Career Playground." 

We want to give employees the freedom to piece together their best career moves.

We are inspired by the possibilities of AI to provide personalized access to the world's largest academy of expert resources, coaches and mentors to build skills and develop extraordinary careers.

Our Logo 


 Our logo represents the freedom for employees to piece together their best career pathways.

To paraphrase Microsoft Worklabs:

"Think of career as a playground: Choose a starting point, somewhere that interests you, and explore. Move laterally along the monkey bars, slip down the slide, swing up to new heights, or all of the above." 

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