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The Skills App That Stops Employess
Jumping From Company To Company
Here is How We Do It
Simple and easy to use Skillboards based on roles, projects or gigs guide employees to assess skill mastery levels, identify skill gaps and set skill priorities
ChatGPT suggests new skills for Upskilling and Reskilling 
Employees are matched with internal and external experts based on their own unique skill priorities
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Skillboards - The Perfect Home for Skills
Employees manage skills with Kanban style boards personalized with the skills that drive their success  
Prioritize Skills, Identify Skill Proficiency Levels and Skill Gaps 
  • Skillboards: Skillboards are personalized for every employee, every role, project or gig.

  • Skill Profiles: Skillboards are based on an AI generated Skill Profile that lists the skills that drive success for any role.

  • Skills AI: ChatGPT searches for new skills to support new projects or gigs adding them to Skillboards.

  • Skill Inventory: Employees complete skills inventory that assesses levels of proficiency. Managers also complete skill inventory for team members and together skill gaps are identified. 

  • Colors tell the Story: Based on outcomes from skill inventory colors are asssigned to skills. Colors represent proficiency levels and help identify skill priorities.

  • Skill Priorities: Skill priorities are set by dragging and dropping skills.

  • Manager Suggestions: Managers make suggestions for skill priorities and they show-up for team members to accept.

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Say Hello to Personalized Experts Matching Experts Wix 21.PNG
Find Experts with the Mastery You Need 
  • Skill Expert Matching: Based on the skills employees prioritize for development we pre-qualify and match experts with those skills.

  • Skill Matching Internal & External: matches employees with both internal experts in say Product or GTM skills and external experts in say Soft Skills like Negotiation.

  • Skill Matching Bi-directional: matches mentees with mentors, and mentors with mentees. Bi-directional matching leads to accelerated skill development at scale.

  • Targeted Skill Masterclasses: Experts can set-up and lead Skill Masterclasses and know exactly who to target.

  • Skill Matching Insights: Knowledge is power, we provide managers with the insights they need to match teams with the right experts.

ChatGPT The Perfect AI Powered Skills Mate
Find New Skills for Upskilling, Reskilling with ChatGPT
  • Skill Suggestions: With ChatGPT integration employees can ask questions such as “What are the top Sales Skills?” ChatGPT adds skills to Skills Board.

  • Skill Suggestions by Role: ChatGPT goes further and delivers skill suggestions based on a role….“What are the top skills for a Sales Manager?”

  • Skill Suggestions by Role by Company or Industry: ChatGPT can go even deeper and deliver skill suggestions for a particular company…“What are the top skills for an Azure Sales Specialist at Microsoft?”

  • Skill Suggestions by Courses Completed: ChatGPT delivers skill suggestions based on courses completed. “What are the top Sales courses completed on LinkedIn Learning?” ChatGPT adds the skills and courses to Skills Board. 

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AT Microsoft Managers Using Matter
Employees rate “My Manager Supports my Career” an all-time high of 85pts in Annual Employee Satisfaction Survey
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Managers complete Skill Sheet to give feedback on skill proficiency levels and skill gaps 
Managers Suggest Skill Priorities
Managers Match team members with Skill Masters  
Here is how we make Managers Matter at Microsoft
  • Skill Sheet: Using Skill Sheet Managers complete skill inventories for team members giving feedback on skill gaps and skill proficiency levels. 

  • Skill Priority Suggestions: Managers make skill priorty suggestions for team members and suggestions show-up on team members skill boards. 

  • Skill Experts Matching: Managers have the insights to connect team members looking to upskill or reskill with qualified skill masters. 

  • Skill Resources Matching: Uniquely Managers can recommend the best resources; courses, talks, articles, masterclasses exactly to team member skill priorities.

  • Skill Plans: auto generates Skill Plans ready for Manager "Syncs" with team members. Skill Plan enables managers to track skill development progress with team members.

Skill Plan - The Tool that Demonstrates to Employees You "Care About Their Careers"
Career Coaching 1:1's Made Easy 
  • Skill Plan : Skill Plan is auto created based on Skill Priorities. For each skill priority the courses planed to be taken or completed can be listed, experineces such as working with cross group teams, or working on special projects can be documented. All activiites asscoiated with a skill priority can be tracked.

  • Skill Plan for Managers: Managers can easily view the Skill Plans for all team members and prior to development 1:1's check the Skill Plan to help them prepare. Development discusisons are always forward looking based on what went well and what more can the manager do to support.

  • Skill Plan Comments: With Skill Plan employees can add comments on skilling activities completed and suggest additional help they need from their Manager.

  • Skill Plan and HR: Skill Plans are downloaded as a PDF and uploaded into the HR system and used to support employee development reviews and tracking by HR. 

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Welcome to Personalized Employee Resource Matching 
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Find the Resources that Perfectly Match Your Skill Priorities 
  • Skill Resources Matching: Based on the skills employees prioritize we match them with the best resources; courses, talks, articles and masterclasses.

  • Skill Resources Foundation vs. Advanced: Based on skill proficiency levels the right content is matched; foundational resources for new skills, advanced resources for higher proficiency levels.

  • AI Powered Resources : ChatGPT searches for  the most popular resources and matches them perfectly the skills prioritized.

  • Targeted Skill Masterclasses: Experts  lead Masterclasses and target employees who have advanced levels of proficiency.

  • Manager Suggestions: Managers add resources and they show-up as suggested resources for team members or the entire community.

  • Skill Resources Insights: Knowledge is power, we provide L&D with the insights to know what skills are being prioritized so they can perfectly target L&D programs which increases ROI. for Start Ups.png



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WE DO CAREER  DEVELOPMENT FOR 270m MICROSOFT TEAMS USERS is a native TEAMS App completely integrated into the flow of teamwork

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SKILL.ME IS THE #1 SKILLS APP ON MICROSOFT TEAMS is used by 15,000 employees at Microsoft to Identify skill gaps and find skills that help them adapt and grow


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The New Skills ROI - "Cares About My Career"
How ChatGPT is transforming employee development
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