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ChatGPT Skills it !

Updated: May 11

Skill.Me the first data driven skills app to integrate with ChatGPT.

• Skill.Me is the first in a new generation of data driven skills apps to deliver personalized employee learning experiences.

• is the first skills app to integrate with ChatGPT to power its personalized skilling recommendations.

• ChatGTP performs better than LMS’s, Workday and Growthspace Skill Clouds when recommending skills, courses, and experts.

• Managers using at Microsoft received all-time high employee satisfaction scores.

• is one of the most popular Skills apps on Microsoft Teams with 25,000 subscribers.

Pipe9 announces its popular Microsoft Teams skills app now comes with Open AI ChatGTP integration enabling users to ask questions such as “What are the top skills for the role I perform?” For example, Azure Sales Specialists at Microsoft can ask ChatGPT ai to recommend the most important soft skills for the role they perform, and these skills will be added to their skill priorities along with great courses and mentors and coaches to connect with, all within

Picture of ChatGPT integration with Ask a question such as “What are the top skills for the role of a sales manager.” ChatGPT recommends skills and adds them to users’ skill priorities in

Alan Dowzall CEO at Pipe9 said “We evaluated Open AI’s ChatGPT against a range of skill scenarios including finding top skills for roles, suggesting next skills to develop, building career pathways, and finding great skills academy resources and lists of mentors and executive coaches. Our findings were that ChatGPT performed better than our clients’ LMS systems, talent marketplaces and Skill Clouds like Workday and Growthspace. This gave us the insight to prioritize immediate integration of ChatGPT ai into” says Dowzall.

Read the summary results of Pipe9’s ChatGPT skills evaluation here. is one of a new generation of applications of artificial intelligence; data driven skills apps that deliver a personalized learning and development experience for employees. now delivers the power of AI artificial intelligence with ChatGPT to enable organizations, teams, and employees to develop growth strategies based on skill development.

Dowzall says “At Pipe9 we believe skills are the future currency of work and the platform for skill development will be AI enabled, data-driven and personalized for every employee." Rami Knani, Senior Business Development Manager for Impararia EMEA, a fast-growing tech company who recently adopted says it best, "We adopted because it runs on Microsoft Teams, is data driven and delivers a personalized skills platform for our employees.” helps Leadership including Chief People Officers, Learning & Development, Sales Enablement leaders deliver a personalized skill development strategy leading to all-time high employee satisfaction and retention rates. At Microsoft employees gave Managers using to help chart the skill development of their teams an 85pt rating on a 100pt scale for questions such as “My manager cares about my career.”

Read the article about the all-time high employee satisfaction results for Managers using at Microsoft here.

Using employee’s complete skill inventories based on skills that drive success in role. They can reach out and seek skill perspectives from managers and are able to set their own personalized skill priorities and develop skill plans including accessing courses, mentor mentees, executive coaching and masterclasses all aligned to the skills they have prioritized. is one of the fastest growing next generation skill apps and has become one of the most popular skills apps on Microsoft teams with over 25,000 users. builds data driven skill strategies personalized for every employee for both large organizations such as Microsoft and fast growth tech companies like Impararia, Ottawa in Canada -ChatGPT Skills it !

Alan Dowzall

CEO Pipe9 Boca Raton, Florida +1-561-350-6859 Visit our web site at

On social media at LinkedIn

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